Defibrillator Lifecycle, AED end-to-end visual framework

The Defibrillator Lifecycle

I was hired at Philips to research the defibrillator ecosystem to find new opportunities for Philips’ product update. I worked with the Therapeutic Care team to guide their understanding and create a shared vision of the end-to-end and the opportunities for their new connected defibrillator products.

Design research
End-to-end system mapping
Visual system design
Workshop leadership
10 weeks ‍
Philips, Therapeutic Team
Defibrillator Lifecycle, End-to-end map printing
Defibrillator Lifecycle, End-to-end map printing
Mapping the whole system
I learned through immersion in existing documentation, as well as interviewing diverse stakeholders such as defibrillator distributors that the Philips defibrillator experience can last over a decade. To represent the complexity of each touchpoint, I created a journey map (that really put the plotter to work!) for the team to better understand the combination of my findings and their input.
Defibrillator Lifecycle, Sofia leading interviews
Organizational input
Using the map output that I created, I sought out experts of different parts of Philips’ defibrillator ecosystem to fill the gaps in the journey map and offer input on new opportunities. These different stakeholders were excited to gather around a shared map on which they could all simultaneously offer their expert inputs. ‍
Defibrillator Lifecycle, End-to-end map and workshop feedback
Running an interdisciplinary workshop
Whilst running a synthesis workshop with diverse stakeholders, I helped guide them to two key takeaways:
1) The sub-distributor is the real customer (not the defibrillator owner) to focus on, and
2) A connected defibrillator can revolutionize the failure analysis system.

These takeaways that led to a rethink in the design team’s approach for the new product, as they were focusing heavily on developing more in-depth onboarding for the defibrillator owners. Understanding the sub-distributor as the customer allowed for stronger opportunities, as did the knowledge that failure analysis system can be revamped to make their products safer and streamline their current costly system.
Defibrillator Lifecycle, Synthesized framework, visual system
Synthesized visual framework
I synthesized the rich findings from the workshop collaboration as well as my independently-conducted research in a concise visual framework to help align the team, and allow them to expand on opportunities within the clearly defined phases.

This framework helped the team clarify that two key phases were being neglected and required focus: 1) Ongoing management, and 2) Product end of life. ‍
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